Membership & Services

As I mentioned earlier SJ solutions has made changes throughout the business and one of those changes is around the membership packages. After some serious discussions and monitoring of existing Service Level Agreements, we found that we had schools on different levels of packages due the memberships not being fully explained and there for schools where not taking full advantage of SJ Solutions. So, to make it simple we have decided to offer one package that includes all our services.

Procurement – Quotations Up to Tender Value.

We will organise suppliers to come to the school and get you the best possible quote

Supplier Credentials

We will ensure all our suppliers are fully vetted and have a proven track record of delivering excellence ensuring you get the best possible service for you school.

Project Management of Works

We will ensure all the suppliers have their DBS certificates, Risk assessments and Method Statements in place before they set foot on site. We will then monitor their progress on site and ensure they are abiding by health and safety laws and building regulations.

Tender Facilitation

We can run tenders and write them up to OJEU Value (Currently £175k).

CIF BID Writing & Quotations

Consultation to understand what type of Bid you would like to us to help you prepare. We will undertake all site visits to obtain costings for the project and the assist with the bid online application.

Termly Meetings

Termly meetingsto discuss projects and budgets and create solutions to any issues you may be facing on your sites.

Free Energy Checks & Energy Saving Solutions

We can now offer you free energy surveys and energy savings solutions that could potentially save you a lot of money on annual bills as well as making your schools energy efficient and cut down you down you carbon footprint for free.

Our membership runs for a 12 month period with no obligation to review

We now offer our members the ability to pay monthly, quarterly or half yearly to help with budgets.

SJ Solutions Group mission statement is to save the schools money and we believe that should start with the service level agreement. We aim to be extremely competitive and will offer you the best price we can. Below is a guide to what we offer to schools in terms of payment options and promotions for becoming or renewing membership.

SJ Solutions £1 Elite Multi YearMembership (£1 X Pupils) Based 500 PupilsMutli Year SavingsPaid MonthlyPaid Quarterly Paid Half YearlyPaid in Full (5% Discount applied)Mutli Year Savings
Year 1£500.00 N/A £41.67£125.00£250.00£475.00£25.00
Year 2 (10% Discount)£950.00£50£79.17£237.50£475.00£902.50£97.50
Year 3 (15% Discount)£1,275.00£225£106.25£318.75£637.50£1,211.25£288.75
Year 4 (20% Discount)£1,600.00£400£133.33£400.00£800.00£1,520.00£480.00
Year 5 (25% Discount)£1,875.00£625£156.25£468.75£937.50£1,781.25£718.75
SJ Solutions £1 Elite Multi YearMembership Cost (£1 X Pupils) Based on 5 schools and 500 pupils per schoolMutli Year SavingsAcademy Discount 10%Paid MonthlyPaid QuarterlyPaid Half Yearly Paid in full (10% Discount Applied)Potential Savings through academy, multi year and Paid in full
Year 1£2500.00 N/A £2,250.00£187.50£562.50£1,125.00£2,025.00£475.00
Year 2 (10% Discount)£4,500.00£500.00£4,050.00£337.50£1,012.50£2,025.00£3,645.00£1,355.00
Year 3 (15% Discount)£6,375.00£1,125.00£5,737.50£478.13£1,434.38£2,868.75£5,163.75£2,336.25
Year 4 (20% Discount)£8,000.00£2,000.00£7,200.00£600.00£1,800.00£3,600.00£6,480.00£3,520.00
Year 5 (25% Discount)£9,375.00£3,125.00£8,437.50£703.13£2,109.38£4,218.75£7,593.75£4,906.25